Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photoshop Brush

I changed the back ground.

I changed saber and eyes.

I changed color on the picture.

I made the goose transparent. I put Blue on the outside. I made it transparent by makeing the brush hardness less. I put a green and red ring around him. There is no more grass.

I went to google to get the background and modified it. I made it look more like silhouettes. Then I put the goose on there. The Quote says:"In peace sons bury there fathers, inwar fathers bury there sons." -Herodotus. I agree.

I used paint to make this picture look like a Terrorist. That rubber duck is bad. Its only a rubber duck so I can't get in trouble right.

I used the normal a eraser. I made the eraser leave red marks. I tried to re image the red behind Spock. even though I have only seen 2 episodes I hate Star Track. So I make fun of him.

Mr. Mills had A rough camping trip. I used a effect to make it look like he got cut. He has a scare on his right cheek. He also has blood on his collar.

I changed this picture Mr.CMAT teacher. Don't believe me. Look closely. You see the 5 changes, no, ask me then.Changes- No name on iglue, someone is missing, more snow, less sky and no box's.

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