Friday, October 23, 2009


I used pixalate. I like how the pixalate brings out the new color.
I used ocean ripple. The ripple makes it look like your under water looking at water.

I used blur and soften. I makes the details better.

I used sharpen. It makes the image look real.

I used enlarge. I Enlarged the grapes.

I used glow. See its glowing.

I used spin. This is so cool................................................................(not really)

I used color. EH it is okay.

I used neon plastic wrap. It is cool.

I used water color. it looks like a drawing.

I used blur more. I need glasses.

I used pastel. It looks like a Van Goh picture.

I used render and brush. I looks werid.

I used box blur and pixalate half. It looks wrong.

I put plastic and color distort. t looks like a brand new chess Board.

I used glass and Artistic. It looks like a cartoon.

I used render and distort blur. It looks old.

I used artistic blur and hard glass. It looks diffrent.

I used glass hard and and color distort. It looks like it is fuzzy.

I distorted image and color. Its cool I guess.

Filtering can be fun. But, when you are forced to do it to pass a class it sucks. In conclusion, I like it. You can do a lot with it. It is useful.

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